Wallet Holster For Ruger Lcp


Wallet Holster For Ruger Lcp

wallet holster for ruger lcp

    ruger lcp

  • The Ruger LCP (Lightweight Compact Pistol) is a subcompact, .380 ACP pocket pistol announced by Sturm, Ruger at the 2008 SHOT Show. The pistol lacks certain features required for sale in California or Massachusetts.


  • a belt with loops or slots for carrying small hand tools
  • A handgun holster is a device used to hold, or restrict the undesired movement of a handgun, most commonly in a location where it can be easily withdrawn for immediate use.
  • a sheath (usually leather) for carrying a handgun
  • Put (a gun) into its holster


  • A wallet, or billfold, is a small, flat case that is used to carry personal items such as cash, credit cards, identification documents (driver’s license, identification card, club card, etc), photographs, and other paper or laminated cards.
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  • a pocket-size case for holding papers and paper money

wallet holster for ruger lcp – Talon Wallet

Talon Wallet Holster for Ruger LCP/KelTec P3AT with Laser – Black
Talon Wallet Holster for Ruger LCP/KelTec P3AT with Laser - Black
Our Talon Wallet Holster allows you to put a Ruger LCP with a Crimson Trace Laser or a Kel-Tec P3AT with the CT laser in the rear pocket with the anti-print panel against the pocket, gun against the body. You reach between the panel and the holster and grab the gun. Drawing is simple and easy. Check out demo videos on youtube by searching for Talon Training Group. These are really nice quality and the career law enforcement officers who own the company have spent a lot of time developing them. This is the black right handed version with laser, others are available.

Next up, Ruger LCP

Next up, Ruger LCP
This gun belongs to the range. You can rent it. They let me fire it @ n/c since I was thereto supposedly buy a 380 auto

This Ruger is a knock off of the Kel-Tec 3AT, since Kel-Tec in their infinite wisdom, never patented the 3AT, it’s an open design. Ruger borrowed heavily

this gun also has a lazer light on the trigger guard…about a $200 acc. on a $330 gun

the range also gave me 10 rounds at no charge to fire through the gun

I liked this Ruger quite a bit. it’s a bit more polished then the Kel-Tec it was designed from

Ruger LCP

Ruger LCP
Ruger LCP, for "lightweight compact Pistol". This 6+1-shot, .380 caliber pistol weighs in at 9.4 ounces (267g). It fits easily in a pocket, purse or fanny pack. The frame is glass filled nylon and the slide is steel.

The first run of these pistols was recalled due to a possibility that they could fire if dropped, the defect is limited to guns with serial numbers starting with 370-xxxxx. Retrofitted pistols have a diamond shaped stamp on the hammer, visible through the opening at the rear of the slide.

wallet holster for ruger lcp

wallet holster for ruger lcp

Wallet Holster for Ruger LCP and Kel-Tec P3AT LEFT Handed Brown with Laser
Our pocket holster has been seen extensively on Youtube and a demo video is posted there under the heading “talon training group”. See that for more details. Buy here for the best deal. This very high quality holster was designed and sold by law enforcement officers who understand the law and the importance of concealed carry. This will last like any fine quality leather will. These just have the look, feel and even smell of a real quality leather, because they are exactly that. This holste allows the owner to reach in the rear pocket and slide the trigger finger along the slide to index along the slide and outside the trigger guard, the two middle fingers to wrap around the grip and draw the weapon with a proper, safe grip. Nothing else works like this, or is as safe. Perfectly legal where you have a permit.